Why Stake with
Relay’s Staking solution provides one of the best profit sharing experiences in DeFi. Stake your Relay today to begin earning native gas tokens from the world’s most popular blockchains. Our unique rewards mechanism allows you to gain a passive income without the risk of impermanent loss.
Regenerative Rewards
Staking rewards come from the revenue generated by the Relay bridge. e.g. Avax, ETH, Matic, and More!

As long as the bridge is running, you are earning!
Real Time Top-Ups
The Relay Staking pool is updated every 2 weeks, No need to un-stake/re-stake. We've got you covered!
No Impermenant Loss
By staking the Relay token you can safely secure your portion of the rewards, without the downside of impermanent loss.
Portfolio Exposure
By holding and staking Relay, you gain exposure to multiple crypto assets. Relay’s staking rewards act similar to a dynamic market index by rewarding you based on owning one token, Relay.