Relay Chain:
Relay Chain is a portal that facilitates cross-chain token transfers by aggregating bridge liquidity between the world’s leading blockchains.
6 Bridges
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Est. 2021
How it Works
Connect Wallet
Choose your wallet
to connect
Bridge Token
Choose your token and
your destination chain
Receive Tokens
Receive your tokens on
the destination chain
Bridge Aggregation Protocol
We aggregate from multiple bridges to ensure the best cross-chain experience.
Easily Transfer Between
Stake to Earn
Staking RELAY tokens on the Relay platform allows you to earn veRELAY tokens. veRELAY tokens provide two key benefits.

Airdrop Modifier
The more veRELAY tokens you hold, the higher your airdrop modifier will be in the RelayChain airdrop program.

Real Yield
By claiming veRELAY tokens, you can earn a share of the aggregator fees generated by the protocol, allowing you to earn passive rewards for contributing to the project.
Relay Chain is consistently innovating in the blockchain space and investing in projects that bring additional utility to the $RELAY holder.
Battle of The Blockchains (BotB) is an NFT arcade-fighter gaming project that brings thoughtful, balanced, and fun game mechanics to players. Battle your friends as your favorite mascot and other champions across the metaverse! By leveraging our technology and partnering with major players on each ecosystem, BotB serves as a scalable gaming project that works across multiple blockchains, and helps to build a more unified metaverse.
Q4 2022
Legacy Holder Claim
Bridge Aggregator
Bridge Lottery
Token Liquidity Dashboard
Automated Token Onboarding
Social Integrations
Q1 2023
Cross-chain Swap and Wallet Integrations
BotB Pre-Alpha
Bridge Explorer
Q3 2022
Bridge V2
Stats Page V2
BotB Whitepaper & Game Trailer
Incentivized Liquidity Bridging
BotB Seed Round